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Our special solutions in the Corona crisis

Our services

In the current situation, there is great uncertainty about the topic of events.
Many terms and concepts are circulating that only work in theory and have never left the paper.

Do not let yourself be confused!

We will show you the technical possibilities, help you under the given conditions and hygiene guidelines to choose the right format for your event and advise you what to consider.


We offer various special solutions for the realization of your event, from web conferences to virtual live events including interpreting services:

  • Small conferences
  • Web Conferences / Webcast
  • Hybrid Events
  • Remote interpreting technology
  • Professional lighting, audio and video technology
  • IT Full Service
  • Displays in different sizes
  • Highly trained personnel

Your contact person

Mr. Gunnar Ehrenheim

Branch Manager Bonn

Telephone: +49 2223-29 96-25

Mr. Detlef Fonfara

Branch Manager Cologne

Telephone: +49 221-29 739-14

Mr. Wolfgang Acri

Branch Manager Berlin

Telephone: +49 30-2244 524-31