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Rental of event technology equipment

As a full-service provider we are able to lease you the latest event technology including professional service for large and small events.

Our results are based on the proficiency and expertise of our staff across all aspects of this multi-faceted industry.
Each aspect of our program is a trade unto itself and can operate separately. When joined all together, event requirements are unified to create the distinct atmosphere of your event. All senses shall be impressed, that is our aim!

Our rental park is extensive - starting with projectors, flipcharts, screens or loudspeakers, up to interpreter’s booths and LED boards. The high quality of the projects we work on starts with the intensive phase of consultancy and preparation.


Our team outlines with precision the technical execution of your concept with you and supervises your event professionally from the beginning till the end. We ensure a budget oriented professional execution of your ideas, using our own modern equipment. With more than 40 years of experience, we are your contact for outfitting your event. We provide a comprehensive range of technology options and manage these with expertise in all aspects of your event.

Being an independent service provider without being bound to any manufacturer, we are in a unique position to choose the optimal technology for you according to your specific requirements. Furthermore, we can present your event three-dimensionally and we are pleased to offer you complete solution packages.


Our services

Apart from the classic renting of equipment for event technology, we offer the following services:

  • Consultancy and planning
  • Technical conception (3D visualisation)
  • Project management and approval
  • Briefing and support
  • Removal and follow-up



    Your contact person

    Mr. Björn Müller

    Branch Manager Bonn

    Telephone: +49 2223-29 96-11

    Mr. Detlef Fonfara

    Branch Manager Cologne

    Telephone: +49 221-29 739-14

    Mr. Wolfgang Acri

    Branch Manager Berlin

    Telephone: +49 30-2244 524-31