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Quality has absolute priority for us, starting with the contact to the client and ending with the satisfaction of our clients, employees and partners.

Kuchem Konferenz Technik has been ISO 9001 certified since July 2014, ensuring the meeting of its corporate performance to worldwide accepted standards. Certification through the international organization, commits our company to ongoing monitoring and optimization of its own structures and processes.

environmental certification

We are emphasizing on environmentally compatible acting for many years now. This does not only mean to treat resources responsibly but also to use sustainable and future-oriented technology being energy-efficient, durable and low-emissive. Therefore we decided in December 2017 to let our company certify according to the environmental management ISO 14001.  We want to place our company for a long-term optimally in the core areas eco-efficiency and sustainable environmental management.


Sustainability stands for action according to economic, ecological and social values.  Voluntary self-commitment to act in a sustainable manner is a duty of the individual to oneself and to society, and as well a claim made by society on all companies in the market. Sustainable companies provide incentives for rethinking and acting, bringing employees and partners into the process of continuous improvement in the area of sustainability

Many of our suppliers and partners are regional and our office and storage facilities are provided with green energy. We continually strive for reduction of our CO2 emission and to reduce our carbon footprint through further reorganization and efforts to move our company toward an increase in environmentally compatible action. We pay special attention to the satisfaction of our employees and to the involvement of older persons as employees in our company taking a larger role in our company.

speech alerting systems

Though in public institutions, hospitals, shopping centres or hotels, the structures of use of these objects are becoming more and more complex.

Regarding the risk of danger accompanying this, the consciousness for the necessity of better protection of human live has increased during the last years and the legislator has to meet much higher expectations regarding the safety devices.

We are a company certified according to DIN 14675 and help you with planning, installation and maintenance of speech alerting systems.