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Opta data Future Day Essen

For the opta data Future Day in Essen, we developed and implemented an innovative event concept for our friends from Chariot Event GmbH in the futuristic Saana building. The special challenge was to realize a setup consisting of a total of four stages in a large room, without acoustic separation, in which the special character of the location remains undistorted!

For the plenum, a 6 m wide full-white screen was used, which was attached to a specially developed construction and thus fit well into the room concept. In order to display the image-rich presentations excellently, the light-flooded room required the use of an extremely powerful projector.
Large displays were installed on each of the other scene areas. For optimal speech reproduction and to avoid acoustic crosstalk between the stages, all content was transmitted to the participants via wireless headphones.

True to the customer motto "Future Day", all presentations from all stages were also streamed live to our conference platform "Flex Page". In addition to a great deal of additional information, all the presentations were published here afterwards, so that attendees could also access the various presentations.