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Stylishness with a clear line

Kuchem installed the media technology for 13 conference and meeting rooms in the newly constructed headquarters/residence of the law office Flick Gocke Schaumburg in cooperation with engineering firm Bickmann electrical planning company GmbH. The technical outfitting of equipment for the training room was a special feature. It was equipped among other things with a 84“ clevertouch-display and a click share-system from Barco. In order to fully integrate the built-in technology into the architecture, it was installed in such a way that it only appears when needed. The conference rooms were equipped with drivable projectors. A good sound was ensured by special ceiling loudspeakers again designed not to significantly alter the look of the room. Touch panels allow comfortable access to and control of the media equipment. Kuchem Konferenz Technik is assuming responsibility for the maintenance of the components to guarantee trouble-free operation of the media technology in the future.


You can gather further information from the trade journal Professional System!