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Full Hybrid Conference Setup

As a partner of the Bonn CC Management GmbH we have developed a full hybrid conference setup and implemented it in the premises of the World Conference Center Bonn. The idea behind this concept is the implementation of technology paired with various web applications.

The focus is not only on the video stream, but also on the interactive participation of all participants on site and those connected via web applications. Of course, functions such as chat and desktop sharing are also offered. If required, additional rooms and locations can be integrated.

An integrated language service also allows multilingual meetings - the interpreters can work on site or be connected from other locations via the Internet.



  • Congress / event on site
  • Interface for conference topics via web application
  • Connecting external speakers
  • Language services with interpretation on the spot or switched on
  • Streaming services
  • Combining different rooms to increase capacities while adhering to the current distance rules