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Kuchem Konferenz Technik - Rental

Annual Kick-off Event of a Financial Service Provider

For the second year in a row we provided technical support and managed technical aspects of the annual kick-off event of a German financial service provider. The event took place in the elaborately illuminated former plenary hall of the German Bundestag. The mood of the event was shaped here by moving lights and a punchy sound. The evening gala for more than 1000 guests took place in the new main building in the enlarged hall ‘New York’. Extensive technology applications and decoration were installed here to create an unforgettable adventure for the guests. The entire media project was mounted on a black 220m cross-beam from 32 hanging points. 50 moving lights, 166 conventional spotlights and 200 LED lights of varying design (of these, 48 were new Astera AX7 rechargeable LED spotlights) creating an atmosphere fitting to the occasion at dinner and the festive party mood afterwards. An LED curtain and content consistent with the performances of the musicians completed the stage optics.