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Kuchem Konferenz Technik - Systems integration

Installation Media Technology DIN e.V.

The German Institute for Standardization (DIN) is the independent platform for standardization in Germany and worldwide.
For the property in Berlin, our integration team was allowed to take over the equipment and installation of the new media technology.

For this purpose, a cross-campus Crestron 4K NVX system with more than 100 NVX devices was initially set up, which enables free signal routing of the AV signals throughout the entire campus. At the heart of the system is the 40GB AV network, with Control, NVX, Management, Dante and AVB subnets distributed via fiber to 15 distributed enterprise-class switches. Three Crestron CP4Ns, a powerful NVX director, and three fully populated Biamp Tesira servers provide the necessary capacity for processing video and audio. For campus-wide management of signal transmission, an automated routing matrix is available on a 32" touch panel.

With the Forum on the 9th floor, a perfectly equipped conference room was created high above the roofs of Berlin. The installation highlight here is a 5m wide LED wall (approx. 230 inch diagonal) with a pixel pitch of 1.5mm and full 4K resolution. A sound system from HK Audio provides professional sound reinforcement. Another highlight is the conference system, with 91 wireless Shure MXCW microphone units, which ensures excellent speech intelligibility and has numerous features such as interpreter integration, speech time management and voting functions.

Additional options are provided by various Shure MXW handheld transmitters and, last but not least, our accessible lectern with front display and gooseneck microphones.
Three OneLink RoboShot PTZ cameras, which can be operated and mixed centrally via a video console, provide for the transmission and recording of the events in the room. The camera mix, all microphones, the room sound system and the conference system can be wirelessly integrated into a video conference via ClickShare - even without additional technicians.

The 10 meeting rooms, equipped with large displays (85" or 98"), digital PTZ cameras from Aver as well as Biamp speaker systems and Biamp Parlé beam-tracking microphones, which enable perfect speech intelligibility during video conferences, also offer the best technical conditions. This is complemented by Shure MXW wireless microphony with multiple handheld transmitters. The NVX signal feed is provided in each case via the integrated table tanks or a bidirectional wireless connection via a ClickShare CX-50.

There are also small refinements, such as the virtual applicant room with our Singlestand XL video conferencing solution, the 12 project rooms with interactive Samsung Flip-2 whiteboards or the public address sound system in the in-house restaurant, for background music and smaller company parties.