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Kuchem Konferenz Technik - Systems integration

Innovation centre Nestlé

The campus of Nestle Germany AG situated in Frankfurt’s Niederrand district was enlarged at the end of 2015 with 2 new locations. Dynamic, networked processes for in-house and external communications are in a state of constant change today. How such processes can be implemented efficiently and individually through media, technology and content management is demonstrated by Nestlé's newly established Competence Center. With the opening, the company has created a know-how platform that enables employees, customers and business partners to see Nestlé's portfolio as well as the values ​​and expertise of the company. The 1,500 m² Knowledge Center, equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia technology, offers optimal space for cross-thematic exchange and inspiration with product sales on the ground floor, a flexibly modifiable conference level on the 2nd floor and a multi-communication area on the 1st floor. Our team played a key role in the design and ensured the implementation of the presentation and media technology. Modern AV technology such as projection and displays were installed by us on the conference floor of the Competence Center for a wide variety of usage scenarios. In addition to media control on all levels of the building, vertical and horizontal multi-touch displays can be found throughout most of the building, making up the greatest part of the connectivity hardware. All installed screens are characterized by high process-oriented application specification. As the centerpiece of the building on the first floor, the multi-communication platform presents itself as informative and inspiring with its modern and individual room design.