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Kuchem Konferenz Technik - Systems integration

Conference rooms Bonn

Our system experts were allowed to technically convert and expand several conference rooms for an international organization in Bonn. Central points of this installation were the changeover to 4K video technology and digital audio based on Dante. For this purpose, the complete technical infrastructure was revised and adapted to the customer's needs. Among others, 4K laser projectors from Barco and the latest generation of Panasonic 4K camera technology were installed, whose image signals are controlled by a Crestron system. In addition, there is a 6 x 3.75m full-white screen, three high-resolution 130" LED screens "The View" combining Samsung's high-quality IF1.5 series with an electronically height-adjustable lifter, the latest wireless microphones from Shure and a specially designed control desk with 15'' Crestron touch panel, control panels for camera and image mixer as well as AV connection panels. In addition, several custom-made products, such as sound-proof housings and design stands, were used.

By the way, the decision to use Kling & Freitag Sound Systems was made by the customer due to the strong performance of our internal speaker shoot-out!