References Sales

Our reference list, assembled over the past 20 years, speaks for itself. Over and beyond numerous combines and big companies, there are many small and medium sized enterprises that relied on Kuchem’s technology and know-how.

T-Mobile Germany, Headquarters Bonn

Supply of media technology for 42 conference and meeting rooms.

Client: Hausbau Invest GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG, T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH

Realisierung: 2004

Hotel zur Post, Wiehl

Supply of media technology for the hotel’s conference and seminar rooms.

Possibility to break down one conference hall into two rooms by means of touch panels.
Large scale image projection, sound systems for rooms depending on their use.
Control of room functions via EIB.

Detecon International GmbH, Bonn and Eschborn

Supply of multimedia and communication technology for conference rooms.

Optimal internal and external communication facilities by supplying appropriate technology for Intranet, Internet, video and audio conferences.

Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn Headquarters

Supply and implement media technology when room A.2.82 was transformed.

Realised: December 2004

Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank eG, Düsseldorf

Supply and install media technology for meeting rooms EG-C12 und C11.

Realised: September – December 2004

Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung, Bonn

Supply and install video conference facility at Federal Ministry for
Food and Agriculture, Bonn.

Realised: November 2004

Federal Ministry for Economy and Labour, Bonn

Supply media technology for enhancement of buildings A, B and N.

Australian Embassy, Berlin

Supply and install entire sound system.

German Federal Foreign Office, Berlin

Supply mobile projection screens, teleprompting systems, data/video projectors,
plasma and TFT monitors.

Gaffel Restaurant in the Rhein-Energie-Stadium

Realisierung: Januar 2005

Supply with media- and soundtechnics.

Regulation of the technics by touchpanel.

Gaffel Restaurant

Sparkasse Bonn

Supply with multimediatechnics for the Event-Center Gangolf.

Rhenish Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn

Complete supply with mediatechnics for the auditoria of the judicial faculty.