Event technology equipment rental

Professional equipment for any format –
e. g. media and video, sound, conference and interpretation, or any kind of event technology. Use our all round service including supply on the spot. There is
no simpler way for customers toward renting technology for any sort of
assembly or event.
Rental of conference technology
and beamers

Fixed multimedia installation and maintenance

Planning, guidance, installation: We fully take care of fixed installation of conference and media technology on your premises.
Be it video projectors, sound technology or discussion facilities – we shall install the system best suited to each room.

Fixed installation of assembly and
event technology.

Sale of event technology equipment

Become a familiar to the world of conference and media technology. Profit from our expert guidance and advice:
We shall be pleased to present you with state-of-the-art product packages of tested labels, from large frame projectors right down to discussion facilities.

Assembly and event technology – Guidance, counseling and sales.

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